Public Safety

As your City Councilman, public safety will always be my number one priority. Public safety includes all aspects of City Government to include the Omaha Police Department. Working with Chief Todd Schmaderer and the Mayor, we have focused on prioritizing public safety from the inner core all the way out to West Omaha. Since 2017, we have added more police officers, built a 5th police precinct in Elkhorn and transformed the city of Omaha into one of the safest communities in America.

Another key component of public safety is covered by the men and women of the Omaha Fire Department. I supported funding for additional turn-out suits and the installation of cleaning machines at precincts for firefighters’ gear. I have also supported the upgrading of existing fire stations, as well as new construction like Station 31 in South Omaha. As other cities are going backward, Omaha continues to expand and move forward in a safe and responsible way. A record that is unparalleled across the nation.

Economic Development

One of the cornerstones of success for the City of Omaha centers around Economic Development, which starts with a safe community. If you create an atmosphere where people feel safe, comfortable in their homes, neighborhoods, schools and businesses you provide for the opportunity of a community to flourish and grow. Since 2017, our city has flourished in ways unrivaled by many other cities our size. From the Missouri River to the Elkhorn River, from Ponca Hills to South 24th Street, there is tremendous activity and investment in our community. Some of the new projects we have worked on include:

  • The Riverfront and the redevelopment of the Gene Leahy Mall, Heartland of America Park and Lewis & Clark Landing
  • Millwork Commons
  • Builder’s District
  • Capitol District
  • 75 North in North Omaha
  • Southside Terrace in South Omaha
  • The redevelopment of Crossroads at 72nd & Dodge

And specifically in District 6 you have:

  • Heartwood Preserve between Dodge and Pacific Streets on 144th
  • Avenue One & Waterford at 192nd & Dodge 
  • Main Street in Old Elkhorn

Roads & Infrastructure

For the first time in the history of the City of Omaha, we have also developed and put in place a 20-year “Master Roads Plan.” This plan ensures that every surface street in the City of Omaha is resurfaced at least once every 15-20 years. Thanks to the voters this past spring, we have followed through by allocating millions of dollars, many that you have already seen hard at work, to restoring and resurfacing roads across the entire city. This will ensure that the roads you and your family use on a daily basis are safe, smooth and meet the rigorous quality standards that we have set forth.